AVEA, PFIZER and Datasel Telemedicine Project

AVEA, PFIZER and Datasel Telemedicine Project
Health Informatics and Communication brought revolutionary changes in technologies in the health sector which is one of the most important steps to implement our telemedicine application as a result of collaborating with the Avea, Pfizer, and Datasel which was launched as the first pilot telemedicine project.

Media presentation is scheduled for the last week of 2011 with the application of this model by means of 15 Family Physicians of 50 patients with the device will have the opportunity to remotely monitor blood pressure values during the two weeks. As a harbinger of the future of electronic pass on the potential of this area which is the application that patients in their own environments, at different times a day and to measure more than one blood pressure, are the passing values to the doctor electronically on the optimizer.

As a result of this implementation project with the participation of Ministry of Health and the University of Academic counseling, a variety of analysis and evaluation of telemedicine projects are expected to be a guide to help in the more comprehensive nature.

Existing institutions capacities that provide health services led to the change by expanding telemedicine applications to serve a greater number of patients and may lead to growth in the sector is believed to be in the direction of a strong expectation. In addition, service quality satisfaction rate will increase dramatically for patients to lose their own environments with the comfort and doctor visits by saving time and travel costs. Important administrative, efficiency, savings, service quality and increase in speed as the visionary nature of the targets are harbinger of good news for other stakeholders within the sector of the Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution, doctors, and in private life insurance.

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